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7 essential qualities of a presentation designer

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

In the era of the gig economy and disruption, it is crucial to uphold the values of integrity and trust.

Listed below are 7 essential qualities to consider when choosing the most suitable business presentation designer/agency for your next project.

1. Deep skills and experience

Does the business presentation designer/agency have experience working with top global firms, multiple sectors and industries?

The best way to assess the skills of the business presentation designer is to review the feedback in the freelancing platform. Successful business presentation designers/agency have a high success score/ top-rated and maintain consistency in earning positive feedback. LinkedIn is another way to evaluate the presentation design services of the firm by reviewing the work profile of the freelancer.

2. An uncompromising commitment to quality

Does the business presentation designer/agency have a streamlined workflow that emphasises on the quality check/proofreading?

Quality is the foremost priority for firms that deliver exceptional services. This includes clarity about the job request and KPIs to exceed client's expectations. The testimonial of past work, the work experience, awards won in their professional carrier can help in evaluating the business presentation designer.

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3. Work with speed, accuracy and efficiency

Does the business presentation designer/agency deliver to the client's requirements? Do they have the right tools?

Proactive communication, adhering to the deadlines and delivering quality work that exceeds clients expectations are the norm for quality-capable design firms. Good business presentation design firms use the right set of tools and follow the best practices. They use legal, licensed software and image assets based on the client's requirements.

4. Up to date with best practices in design

Is the business presentation designer/agency in touch with the latest design trends?

Quality-capable design firms emphasize on learning new skills (upskilling) and following the best practices in the design world.

5. Taking personal ownership of substantial portions of the creative work

The goal of the business presentation designer is to optimise the raw content/info to meaningful messages. The designer has the creative freedom to use appropriate value-adding graphic assets, but strictly adhering to the client's style guide/brand guidelines.

6. Observe high ethical standards

Signing an NDA is the first step in building trust with the client. It is important not to reveal any confidential information of the client in public spaces or the designer's portfolio.

7. Preserve client confidences

It is the final but the most important characteristic of a good business presentation designer. Building long-term partnership requires prompt communication, perseverance, and delivering quality work which are hallmarks of any successful professional services.

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