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Digital Design Services

What Sets Us Apart

As an independent digital agency based in India, we create exceptional designs and digital experiences for organisations around the globe. Specialised design and creative experts you can count on for presentation design, graphic designs, UX/UI designs, social media designs, and web designs. 

Services We Provide

Presentation and Infographic Design

First impressions are everything. Make a great one. Find help for any tool, be it PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, Canva, and others. 

Turn data into visually compelling communication through powerful designs.

Social Media Design

Cut through the crowd with social media designs that make an impression. 

  • Advertisement Design

  • Social Media Carousel Design

  • Quote Design

  • Banner Ads

Print Design

Create the kind of attention-grabbing marketing collateral that gets noticed. 

  • Flyer Design

  • Brochure Design

  • Poster Design

  • Catalog Design

  • Invitation Design

Web & Mobile Design

Bring your website design to life with our proven designers. Be it a beautifully designed small business website that is easy to navigate or a great website that grab your target audience and introduce potential customers to what they never knew they were missing.

Team Members

Vinith John

Lead Designer

Miriam Mathew

Account Manager

WG Resort Marketing

"Entire interaction was smooth and professional, even with issues on my end VJ was never ruffled. Very patient, quick to understand, and a good communicator. VJ kept every deadline, and made some valuable suggestions. We are very happy with the data visualization services we had from VJ. Highly recommend."

Jonty Yamisha

"I have worked with Vinith on several projects, and I hope to work with him on several more. In every case, I have found Vinith to be exceptionally gifted in his ability to convey complex topics in simple but meaningful graphics. I cannot say enough great things about him."

Rich Groves

"Masterful with his approach; VJ is accurate with his projected timing/submissions and meticulous in his delivery. We value the relationship deeply and look forward to our ongoing collaboration."

What is presentation design?

Presentation design is a practice that involves not only helping to accurately convey information but also maximizing participant retention of—and trust in—the information that is conveyed. Successful presentations should instill a substantial degree of trust in viewers while also ensuring that information is delivered in a succinct and easy-to-understand format.

Presentations often use graphics, charts, and other visual assets to convey information and simplify the info they were made to convey. If graphics separate good presentations from mediocre, then the method of displaying them separates the great from the good.

How do you design effective presentations?

Good presentation designers tend to employ striking visuals and color palettes, and graphs or charts to improve the visual flow of a presentation. Ultimately, good presentations keep things simple. Solid presentation designers understand that receiving too much information at once can be mentally taxing and limits the amount of learning that viewers can do.

Great presentation designers know that factors such as empty space or white space can provide massive boosts to information perception and retention. They also know that presentations need to categorize and pace information based on its relevance to a presentation and the audience receiving it.

What are the main principles of presentation design?

When designing a presentation, remember these four simple tenets:

  • Use color only when necessary. Great marketers take this to a whole new level by setting a color to appear near contrasting colors, making it like a magnet for your mind.

  • Utilize visually striking or otherwise captivating elements in your presentation. Basic graphs? Snore. Align your fonts and color schemes to maximize impact. To take it a step further, remove attention points that aren’t directly relevant.

  • Don’t include animations unless they serve to highlight a specific aspect of the presentation, and even then use them sparingly.

  • Don’t be afraid to use photos in order to create captivating effects. Draining the color from photos or using higher-quality photos makes a world of difference.

What is social media design?

Social media design consists of visually stunning content that is used as a component of digital marketing via a social media platform. Examples of social media design include stylized photographs, illustrations, videos, and memes. Visual content might also include text, audio, and other elements to make the design appealing.

What type of designs work best for social media?

Graphic design elements that work best for social media include visually compelling photography, videos, and animations. Whether your company is launching a product, driving lead generation, or simply increasing brand awareness, these visual elements, along with creative headlines, quotes, and copy, usually work best on various social media platforms.

What is the difference between web design and print design?

Web design focuses on products that will be displayed online. A web designer might create an ecommerce store or social media graphics. The requirements for those elements can be very different from the requirements when creating a design that’s going to be printed.

Print design focuses exclusively on designs that will be reproduced on paper, wood, or another form. Designers need to be aware of printing challenges, size ratios, how colors display, and other important elements.

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Our Clients

We are privileged to work with incredible people at these companies (and many others, too)

Our Pricing


For fixed-price contracts, the minimum pay for a project is $300.00 USD


We want to be sure our designers are compensated fairly for work. We do not support contract rates under $60.00 USD per hour for hourly contracts. 

Long-term Projects

Our long-term clients work defaults to an hourly approach, but your account will be invoiced in accordance with your customized finance setup.

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