We are an enthusiastic team of business presentation designers with diverse skills and background. We offer presentation design support to global firms, i.e., designing internal and external communication materials. We have more than 14 years experience of creating visually stunning and impactful custom presentations, infographics, and graphics designs for global management consulting firms. Our team is passionate about presentation design and has an uncompromising commitment to quality and in preserving client confidences. WisdomDeep team creates business presentations using PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, and Prezi adhering to the brand guidelines of the clients. We have strong communication skills spanning senior management consultants to technical experts. We add value to our clients by our deep domain expertise and our experience to deliver distinctive presentations that align to the brand. 

Things to remember

  1. Plan your request: Anticipate requests and plan your demand in advance so that you can reserve capacity for larger requests

  2. While sending the request, mention the following: # of slides, Time-zone, A (realistic) deadline, Detailed description of tasks 

  3. Win-Win: Being available for clarification helps in eliminating rework and ensuring quality

About Us