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The Silent Extinction of Giraffes

Giraffes silent extinction - WisdomDeep Digital

World Wildlife Day, marked every year on March 3rd, is a globally recognized United Nations initiative that commemorates the rich diversity of wild animals and plants on our planet and the crucial role they play in sustaining the well-being of our ecosystem and human society. This occasion also serves as a call to action for individuals, organizations, and governments to prioritize the conservation and protection of the world's wildlife and their habitats, as they face mounting threats from human activities and climate change.

Giraffes are silently disappearing from the wild, with their populations declining by 40% primarily due to habitat loss, civil unrest, and illegal poaching for the international market of bone carvings, skins, and trophies. This alarming trend points towards a bleak future for these majestic animals, and urgent action is required to save them from extinction.

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