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The State of HIV/AIDS

Global HIV statistics- WisdomDeep Digital

March 1st is commemorated every year as Zero Discrimination Day, an occasion aimed at promoting equality and combating discrimination in all its forms. This year's theme, "Save lives: Decriminalise," highlights the vital importance of decriminalizing key populations and individuals living with HIV to reduce stigma and advance the end of the AIDS pandemic. UNAIDS is leading this effort to raise awareness of the benefits of ending discrimination and promoting a world free of inequalities. UNAIDS reports that as of today, 134 countries explicitly criminalize or prosecute individuals for HIV exposure, non-disclosure, or transmission, perpetuating discrimination against people living with HIV and hindering efforts to combat the spread of the virus. It is imperative to put an end to the criminalization of HIV-related offenses and promote a society free of stigma and discrimination. By doing so, we can help save lives and accelerate progress towards ending AIDS for good.

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